Common Questions - Fundraising


The Baywood PTA funds social, emotional and academic programs that enrich the lives of our teachers and students at Baywood. Parents financial support through fundraising events make it possible for the PTA to pay for additional teaching resources, library hours, art and music, technology and many other engaging programs that help our kids grow and thrive!

When our children are on campus, the PTA has funded Librarian, 8 Academic Classroom Aides, 2 Learning Intervention Specialists, Art, Technology Instruction, Traffic Safety Monitors, Social Emotional Learning Program, Family Math Nights, Science Fair, School-wide Talent Show, Literacy Week, Arts & Science Day, New Library Books, Playworks, Dream Lab, and IXL. During distance learning this year, we’re focused on academic classroom support, distance learning tools and training, and virtual community programs.

The student/teacher ration is set by the school district acting on State mandates and funding. Baywood PTA pays for certain academic aides and resource teachers. This funding allows teachers to work with smaller groups of students in 3 ways:

1) Rotating groups- Each classroom is split on a rotating basis. While half the class is attending PE, computer lab, or at the library, the other half of the class focuses on Math or Language Arts. This program helps our teachers cover the core curriculum and meet the individual needs of our students.

2) Targeted intervention- This program assists students who need additional time to achieve their academic goals. The effect is to improve the student/teacher ratio during that time.

3) Additional academic aides- These aides assist teachers with core curriculum and small group instruction.

According to the County of San Mateo, in fiscal year 2017, 45% of County property taxes were distributed to school districts. The San Mateo Foster City School District had adopted a parcel tax in 2012 (Measure A) that had a sunset provision whereby it expired in fiscal year 2017. Unfortunately, Measure X was on the ballots in 2016 to extend the parcel tax did not garner enough votes to pass. A few years ago the California Board of Education approved the Local Control Funding Formula proposed by Governor Brown and approved by the state legislature in 2013. Under the plan, all districts receive base funding, but additional funds are distributed based on student socio- economic status. The funds raised by the Baywood PTA provides critical funds that supplement the public monies generated by the District by sponsoring needs unique to our Baywood community.

The SMFCEF is a non-profit organization that raises funds and pays for District wide programs to further student achievement. In the past, the SMFC Education Foundation has funded music, fifth grade instrumental music, Chromebooks and hot spots for students at District elementary schools. The SMFCEF is a separate and distinct entity from the individual school-centric PTAs.

First, all contributions are welcome and valued. Second, the $1,200 per student guideline represents the full-year fundraising goals by the Baywood PTA. Since we’re not able to hold a Spring Live Auction & Gala this year, we’re asking for the full amount commitment during the Fall Drive. If spreading payments out through the year is an option for your family, please use the installment plan to design a plan that’s comfortable for you. We deeply appreciate any and all contributions.

ANY & ALL contributions are welcome and valued. Truly! The dollar amount is a guideline based on our annual costs to fund our programs and number of families, NOT a requirement. There are a variety of ways that families contribute which is what makes the Baywood community what it is...not a one-size fits all. Any and all dollar contributions are welcome and garners membership to the PTA. Equally valued items for sale at the Auction, volunteer hours at our events or in the classroom, purchases of logo wear, designating the PTA as your charity of choice for eScrip or Amazon Smile. Every dollar and volunteer hour makes a difference!!!

Any donation qualifies your family for PTA membership.

You should contact your company’s HR office or check your company intranet to initiate the company match process. Your company may ask you for the following information to complete the match: date of donation, donation amount, and Baywood’s PTA Tax ID number (23-7017555). If we have not heard from you within a few weeks, we may contact you to see if we can assist you in securing these critical matching funds.

Yes. Donors are given credit for their entire donation which includes corporate matching designated to the Baywood PTA. Permanent recognition will be given for any donations (personal and corporate donations combined) of $3,000 or more.

Yes. We will be able to deposit the check to the Baywood Elementary PTA account. Once your donation is processed, a receipt will be automatically generated and sent to your email address.

All our payments are processed through PayPal. If you would like change your payment methods for an existing order, please contact PayPal at 1-888-221-1161 and you do not need to have a PayPal account. Need further help? Please contact

In your credit/debit card statement, PTA Card Reader transactions will appear as "PP*BAYWOOD PTA" and the PTA Website transactions will appear as "PAYPAL *BAYWOOD PTA". To get help with any website transactions, please contact For the card reader transactions, please reach out to PayPal at 1-888-221-1161 and you do not need to have a PayPal account. PayPal would ask for your full credit/debit card number to track the transaction and provide further assistance. If you need further help with your card reader transactions, please contact with your transaction ID (should be in your receipt or ask PayPal).

This year, we do not plan to hold a Spring Gala and Live Auction due to the pandemic. In previous years, Baywood’s fundraisers have been streamlined to reduce the burden on families throughout the year. The Fall Drive offered families the opportunity to support the PTA programming directly through cash contributions. The Spring Auction was a community event that provided nearby businesses an opportunity to support the Baywood community and provided our parents with some solid fun!

To receive a hard copy directory for 2020-21, you must opt-into our Baywood directory here. There is also a password protected on-line directory available on the PTA Website. In addition, you can access the full directory by downloading the Memberhip Toolkit app onto your mobile devices (iOS & Android).