Why should I register?


Signing up with Membership Toolkit is not the same as joining the PTA.


Our Baywood PTA website, powered by Membership Toolkit (MTK), now provides a secure, single location for parents and staff to access key information, email communications, a new online Directory, volunteer resources, and payment processing/history for donations, sign-up events and more. Questions? Contact Directory@baywoodpta.org


Once registered, you can:

  • Stay in the know by keeping your email settings current
  • Complete your directory information
  • Opt-in/manage your Directory preferences
  • Invite another family member to join
  • Donate!
  • Purchase spirit wear
  • Record volunteer hours
  • Access the online directory and app (for verified enrollment/staff only)
  • Access to content website pages just for our families and members
  • View the calendar on-line and on the app
  • Access transaction history

How to register?

  • Select "Create Account" and fill in the name, email, and password information.
  • Click "verify my email" and then check your email for a link to complete the process. The link expires in 2 hours. If you do not receive the email, check your spam or junk folders.
  • Once you have verified your email address, log back in and finish the registration process.
    1. Complete the Parent/Family and Student Information forms.
    2. Complete the Directory/Publish Preferences.
Once the Primary Account is set up, the Primary User can "invite" other email addresses to access his/her account. This allows the Secondary User to have their own login information, but still have access to the family account.

How to Change Email?


Changing Login Email

You can change your LOGIN email address and add/invite other family members to share/access your account by going to My Account → Update My Account → Access. See screen prints below.



Changing Profile Email

You can add/change your family members PROFILE email to publish in directory and to receive communications. Go to My Account → My Forms → Family Information. See screen prints below.



Directory and Directory Preferences?


View Directory

You can view the Directory itself from the Directory Link under the "Our PTA" drop down in the top navigation menu. Parents are still setting up their accounts so new entries will be added daily over the coming weeks. See screen prints below.



Directory Preferences

This year, we're taking advantage of this powerful new platform to provide an online Directory. You must opt-in to show some or all of your information by following the "Family Information" and "Directory and Publish Preferences" Links accessible after logging into your account. See screen prints below.



Manage your Account


Inviting additional family members

You can add/invite other family members to share/access your account and email communications preferences. Once logged in, go to: “My Account Update My Account Access” to access options to add a second parent to your account. See screen prints below.



Email Communications Preferences

When you update your account profile with your child(ren)'s information, you will automatically receive grade level communications, as well as school-wide PTA communications (e.g. Tuesday Mail).


To add/modify your email address for PTA email communications, you can login and update the information in your profile. Once your account is active, you may manage your email preferences directly by logging into the website. See screen prints below.



NOTE: There are TWO communication systems. The Baywood PTA uses the Directory-based preferences that are established on the Baywood PTA website (BaywoodPTA.org). Direct messages from Mrs. Driscoll/Mrs. Robert come from the School District’s messaging system, School Messenger. These are two distinct and separate databases.

If you would like to change the email address for which you receive direct school communications from the Principal's office (via School Messenger), please email your request to Mrs. Laughlin (llaughlin@smfcsd.net) from your preferred email address, include your child's first and last name, your current email address and the new email address. Only Mrs. Laughlin can change your preference in the School Messenger database. It is best to cc: Directory@baywoodpta.org on your request to ensure that your LOGIN email for the PTA website is consistent with the School’s records as we limit access to currently enrolled families for security purposes.


Baywood Online Directory

When you register for a Membership Toolkit account on BaywoodPTA.org, you will be able to opt-in to include your information in the online Parent/Student Directory. Participation is optional and is only accessible by registered Baywood parents/staff/teachers. Additionally, you control what information you wish to display in the Directory and you can opt-in or out at any time. See screen prints below.



Mobile Access

Our PTA website is mobile friendly, so it can be accessed on your computer, tablet, and mobile devices. For the mobile devices, dedicated mobile app is also available for all our registered users. The app includes access to your directory and calendars. The app is available for free in the Apple Store and in Google Play. See screen prints below.



Register or Login

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If you have an another Membership Toolkit account, then use the same log-in here. More info