Donate to the Fall Drive Today! Suggested donation is $1,200 per child, the cost to deliver our programs and services to your child,  but any amount is welcome!




During these unusual times, our children need all the academic support and community connectedness we can provide them. Help us provide another year of continued growth for all of our children. Not everyone is aware that critical resources are NOT covered by state funding, so we rely on the generous support of the Baywood community to fund them, at the cost of $1,200 per child. Without this amount, we cannot continue to provide these critical programs. While our need is $1,200 per child, our goal for the 2020 Fall Drive is participation from EVERY FAMILY. All donations are tax-deductible and each dollar makes a difference. With any donation amount, you become an immediate member of the Baywood PTA, giving you an important voice in shaping our school.




Let’s make this Fall Drive compelling, so that when our children are back on campus next year, they have the enriching and memorable experience that helps set Baywood apart including Academic Aides, our Librarian, Art, Technology instruction, Family Math Nights, Science Fair, Talent Show, Arts & Science Day, Dream Lab, and other on-campus support.






Corporate Matching: Please use the above search to check whether your company offers donation match. If your company manages donation matching through a CSR portal such as or, then please donate through that portal using Baywood PTA's EIN: 23-7017555 so the matching can happen automatically. If you donate using one of the following options, please remember to request corporate matching for your donation.


One-Time Donation

Make an One-Time Donation using Credit, Debit or PayPal.

Installment Donations

Create an Installment Plan to make easy monthly donations using Credit, Debit or PayPal.

Stocks Donation

Donate stocks and save on capital gains taxes. The full stock value is tax deductible.

Donor Advised Fund

Donate via Donor Advised Fund (DAF) through your sponsoring organization directly.

PayPal Giving Fund

Make an Anonymous or One-Time Donation using PayPal Account. 100% of the donation reaches PTA.

Print Donation Form

Submit completed form with cash or check to the school office. The form is also available in Spanish


To read FAQs about Fundraising at Baywood: click here


To read the Fall Drive Letter to parents: English or Spanish