Have Fun with Science at Baywood’s 19th Annual Science Fair!

Baywood is excited to announce that it will be hosting our 19th annual Science Fair on Saturday, May 11th, 2019 in the MPR from 9 AM ­ Noon. All students in grades 2­-5 are encouraged to participate in this fun event. This event is an opportunity for kids to have fun with science and get hands­ on practice with the scientific method, developing fond memories and a sparked interest in science which they can carry through the rest of their lives. Projects will be done at home and brought to school the day before the fair.

This year’s Science Fair expands on the introduction of Baywood’s new Dream Lab with dedicated office hours where participants can work to develop hypotheses with science guides. In addition, we’ll kick off the Science Fair this year with a Festival hosted by the Lawrence Hall of Science. The theme is Build, Engineer and Invent!

Important Dates


­Check back for important dates related to the 2019 Science Fair.



  • ­Student Packet Contains information about this year’s science fair, including Hypothesis Submission and Preliminary Results worksheets. Also contains the Ideas packet with Ideas for science fair projects.

  • ­Science Buddies is an award­winning site that includes informative content with a novel project selection wizard that can help your child with ideas. These resources will help students select an interesting question, formulate and test a hypothesis and present their data and project in a clear and organized project.

    We're looking forward to an exciting Baywood Science Fair this year ­ and a celebration of the amazing things our students can do! Thank you for your help and support!


If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact us:

Camila Chow, Jennifer Hwang, and Priscilla McCloskey at ScienceFair@baywoodpta.org





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