Have fun being a scientist at Baywood’s 23rd Annual Science Fair!


Baywood is excited to announce the return of our annual Science Fair on Wednesday, April  24th! The Science Fair will be held from 6-8pm in the MPR, with classrooms having the opportunity to see the participants' projects earlier in the day.


All students in grades 2-5 are encouraged to participate in this fun event. This event is an opportunity for our older students to have fun with science while practicing the scientific method. Students are encouraged to create an experimental project based on some of their favorite things (sports, art, games, cooking, music, building) and to use an exploration of this topic to understand how observation and testing on a topic informs them as to how our world works. Information packets in links below detail more information for parents, ideas for students - other questions please email Stephen Floor at sciencefair@baywoodpta.org


Students can participate in groups of 1-3 members (Baywood students in grades 2-5). Please coordinate when registering in groups to fill out the registration form once.


Registration Link 


Informational Packet

Paquete de Información


Important Dates:

March 19th - April 9th: Register your student(s) using the Registration Link above

April 8th: Turn in Hypothesis Worksheet to your teacher(s)

April 19th: Turn in Preliminary results to your teacher/ Pick up your poster board at the Dream Lab

April 24th: Bring in your poster and display items to the MPR 7:55-8:15 am (Preferred), or 5-6pm.

April 24th: Present your results at the Science Fair 6-8 pm to visiting scientists and parents


If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact:


Stephen Floor at ScienceFair@baywoodpta.org





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